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View basic profile information. Many sites and applications request access only to data such as name, email address, and profile photo. For example, you provide access to this information when you use the login function with a Google account on a third-party resource that supports this feature. So, you will register an account faster and you will not have to create new passwords. View more information in your Google Account. In addition to the basic information from the profile, the application can requests permission to view and copy other data in your account, such as user activity metrics, like view counts and rating counts. The YouTube Analytics API allows you to retrieve YouTube Analytics data for a YouTube channel or content owner. The API supports real-time queries and generates a report based on the API request parameters. View YouTube Analytics reports for your YouTube content. This scope provides access to user activity metrics, like view counts and rating counts. The application (App) monitors statistics and analytics of social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Vkontakte, Telegram. To best scale our tracking to meet the needs of millions of users the app, we extract data from the YouTube public API. This means that we get the same information that you see on the public pages of the YouTube channel, we just work to study this data for several days and combine it into a display format that is useful to you. The application also contains forecasts for the number of subscribers. The app also provides real-time updates to the number of subscribers. The app also excelled in working with content creators and multi-channel YouTube networks to help authors collaborate. For a more complete presentation of the opportunities to access your account on social networks. The application does not limit trust and requests only the minimum access area. The application can provide advanced statistics (for example, data on YouTube) with the provision of the channel owner - by providing access to advanced statistics (for example, indicators of user activity, such as the number of views and ratings). (The application does not request any additional authorized access areas other than those declared)