“Hustle Media”, LLC Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy defines the procedure for processing and protecting personal information about Users, which “Hustle Media”, LLC may get during usage of Administrator’s Service.

Before using the Service, please, acknowledge all the conditions of the present Privacy Policy.

1. Basic concepts.

1.1. Service – site located on the website allmy.blog.

1.2. Administrator – Administrator of the Service – “Hustle Media”, LLC.

1.3. User – a legally capable individual, authorized according to this Agreement and acceded to it in his own interest or on behalf of and in interest of legal entity, represented by him.

1.4. Personal data – any information, concerning directly or indirectly to specified individual (subject of personal data).

1.5. Personal data processing – any action (operation) or set of actions (operations), committed by using automation media equipment or without using it with personal data, including collecting, recording, organizing, accumulation, storing, modifying (updating, changing), extracting, using, transmission (distribution, providing, accession), depersonalization, blocking, deleting, destroying personal data.

2. General conditions.

2.1. Using the Service, User agrees that:

User acknowledges conditions of this Privacy Policy in full before using the Service.

a. Beginning of using the Service by User in any form means that User accepts all conditions of this Privacy Policy in full without any excluding and limitation.

b. If User does not agree with conditions of this Privacy Policy, he has to stop any using of the Service immediately.

c. Administrator can change privacy Policy (including any of its part) without any special notice and paying compensation connecting with it. New redaction of Privacy Policy enters into force since its posting on the website of Administrator located on the site allmy.blog, unless otherwise provided for in new redaction.

2.2. Accepting conditions of this Policy, User expresses his consent to processing and storing User’s personal data by Administrator in purposes specified in this Policy, and to transmission User’s personal data to third parties in cases, stipulated in this Policy.

2.3. According to the general rule, Administrator does not check User’s personal information integrity. However, in cases specified in Agreements about using the Service, User must provide Administrator with confirming personal data integrity.

2.4. Administrator who has an access to personal data ensures confidentiality of personal data as established by law.

2.5. User’s personal data are kept in the base during the term of User’s Agreement.

3. Subject of Privacy Policy

3.1. This Privacy Policy applies to the following types of personal information:

3.1.1. Personal information displayed by Users including information about themselves that is displayed on their own, other personal information, access to which User provides to Administrator through websites or services of third parties, or personal information, displaying by Users during the process of using program parts of the Service. In particular, name, phone number, electronic address and other personal information, specified in comments and in applied files, may refer to personal information thus received.

3.1.2. Providing to User personal data of third parties without received from third parties permission to such displaying or, if User did not receive such personal data of third parties on his own from generally accessible sources of information.

3.1.3. Data, automatically transmitted to the Service during the process of its using with the help of software installed on User’s device, including IP-address, individual net number (MAC-address, device’s ID), data from cookies, information about browser, operation system, time of access, search request, information about placement or moving of User’s device.

3.1.4. Data additionally provided to Users according to Administrator’s request in purpose of fulfillment of obligations of Administrator towards Users in connection of using the Service.

3.2. Provided information relates to personal data and protected according to current legislation of Russian Federation.

4. Purposes of collection and processing information about Users

4.1. Administrator secures collection and procession the only information about Users, including their personal data, that is necessary to fulfill Administrator’s obligations to provide the Service.

4.2. Administrator may use personal information about Users for the following purposes:

4.2.1. to identify the Party within the framework of agreements between User and Administrator,

4.2.2. to provide Users with services using the Service and further development, elaboration of new services,

4.2.3. to react to Users requests from support service, to inform Users about possibilities of the Service, to deliver requests relating to using the Service,

4.2.4. to implement marketing tasks, to undertake statistic and other researches on the basis of depersonalized data,

4.2.5. to target advertising materials,

4.2.6. to carry out relationships for Administrator’s data from cookies provision to third parties for third parties activities to show Users targeted advertising materials and informational materials trough network and/or for purposes of implementing third parties other services to Users as established by law,

4.3. hereby User establish his consent to transmit personal information about him to Administrator, third parties, in purposes, specified in paragraph 4.2 this Privacy Policy,

4.4. to use, if necessary, personal information about User in purposes, that are not specified in this Privacy Policy. Administrator requests User’s consent to implement such actions.

5. Information processing about Users

5.1. Information processing of User’s personal data is implemented without limitation of period, by any legal means, including using informational systems of personal data by using automation media equipment or without using it.

5.2. Personal information about Users is stored according to current legislation.

5.3. Personal information about Users is not transmitted to third parties, except for the following cases:

5.3.1. User established his consent to such actions.

5.3.2. Transmitting information is necessary for secure Service’s functioning and/or separate functional opportunities of the Service, realization of partnership and other Service’s programs.

5.3.3. Transmission is provided by applicable law.

5.3.4. In purposes of securing possibility of protection rights and legal interests of Administrator and/or third parties in cases, when User violates conditions of using Service.

5.4. Hereby User is notified and agrees that Administrator may get third parties personal data, which is provided by User through using the Service, and use it for realization separate functions of the Service on the condition, that User guarantees presence of third parties consents, data about which is provided by using the Service, to process by Administrator in purposes, specified in the present Policy, and also for transmitting such data in cases, stipulated in the present Policy.

5.5. Hereby User is notified and agrees, that Administrator may get statistical depersonalized (without reference to User) data about User’s actions through using the Service and about installed by User settings of the Service.

6. Users rights

6.1. Users have right

6.1.1. to get information related to processing of their personal data from Administrator according to request.

7. Measures to protect information about Users

7.1. Administrator takes all necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect personal information about Users from illegal or occasional access to it, destroying, changing, blocking, distribution of personal information, and form other illegal actions with it. Intrinsic checking of processes of collecting, storing and processing data and measures to secure physical data safety to prevent from non-authorized access to systems where personal information is stored.

7.2. While Users personal data processing Administrator is guided by the Federal Law “About personal data” from 27.07.2006. № 152-ФЗ.

8. Concluding concepts

8.1. The present Policy, relationships between User and Administrator, arising according to implementing of the present Policy, and questions that are not regulated by this Policy, are governed by current legislation of Russian Federation.

8.2. User has right to send to Administrator requests, suggestions and questions, related to the present Policy, on e-mail address: [email protected]

8.3. Current redaction of the present Policy is published on Administrator’s site and available in the network on address: allmy.blog.

Redaction from 05th of February, 2021.