A social media aggregator with a personal panel.

Multilink - You can post 1 link for all social networks.

Our team developed free software for users and influencers convenience.
We enable influencer's fans to use one tab for content monitoring from all social networks. Your Personal Cabinet and profile created automatically by registration in software or your manager. Do you want to monetize your video-content through the international market and expand out of the YouTube audience without spending a lot of time? Our software allows posting, localizing and monetizing video processes on international video-platforms to be automated and gets creators to make more money from their content on new geographic markets.
We help influencers to monetize their own brand:

Making their own clothing brand

Video games creation, mobile apps and board games with your persona

Creation of original accessories, promoting media personality recognition

Posts integration - you should not go to each social network singly for watching video, post, reading an articles, all publications are always in one place.

Advertising platform - We get the opportunity for influencers, who are interested in ads selling, to post prices to social media links and also get feedback with briefs. It raises efficiency and sales conversion.

Content distribution - Get the video content distribution ability to more than 300 video hostings around the world. Get the opportunity to increase coverage of your video by 5 - 10 times.

Online Store - Sell your products in comfort. You have the ability to improve your personal brand and thereby increase sales conversion.